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Frequently Asked Questions


What are wood stickers?

  • Our stickers are made from 100% Bamboo!

  • That means our stickers are, you guessed it, Eco-friendly!

  • They are biodegradable

  • Our label tags are printed on recycled paper 

  • Our product is packaged in cellophane bags that are produced by a dissolving plant fiber that is biodegradable


We take pride in creating products that preserve our planet!


Are they Durable?

  • Yes! Our stickers are VERY durable.

  • We use a 3M WATER RESISTANT ADHESIVE. Place and stick wisely because once it's on, it's ON!

  • Our stickers are FLEXIBLE!

  • Good for INDOOR or OUTDOOR use!



What can I stick them on?

  • Practically anything! 

  • Drink ware: Hydro flasks, Coffee mugs, Water bottles                                              *Hand washing preferred, BUT it will hold up in the dishwasher if done sparingly!

  • Technology: Cellphones and Laptops

  • Car bumper

  • Skateboard

  • Bike

Please stick responsibly!


how are they made?

  • Our stickers are made using a thin, flexible bamboo veneer sheet. 

  • Professionally printed with a UV printer. A form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry and cure the ink as it's printed.

  • Our stickers are precision cut with a laser 


Do you do Custom designs?

  • Yes! Let us help promote your business/cause! Find out more information in our Custom Design section.


Do you Offer  Wholesale?

  • Yes! Find out more information in our Wholesale section.

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